Coming This Fall: The Saga of Davi Rhii in New Editions!

Boralis books is pleased to announce that we will be rereleasing Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s classic space opera trilogy The Saga of Davi Rhii in both trade paperback and hardcover as well as ebook this fall. 

The Worker Prince made Barnes and Noble’s Year’s Best Science Fiction Releases of 2011. The first two volumes were originally released by a micropress and later released along with the third by Wordfire Press in the volumes pictured here. The first two books quickly earned back their advances, the third is close. We look forward to bringing out the full series in new updated editions later this year.

A hardcover omnibus of all three volumes will be released in August along with a trade paperback of Volume 1, The Worker Prince, and ebooks of both these. Volume 2, The Returning, will be released in trade paperback and ebook in October with Volume 3, The Exodus, releasing in December. New cover art will be released as well.