The John Simon Thrillers

Our first three releases will be books in the exciting near future procedural series by national bestselling author and Hugo nominee Bryan Thomas Schmidt about a tough, technophobic Kansas City detective and his humanoid Android partner. Click here to buy the whole series on Amazon or click the images below for sample chapters and more buying options.

In 2029 Kansas City, Master Detective John Simon is a tough cop with a strong dislike for fancy technology. But when his partner is kidnapped, he finds himself forced to team with the only witness—a humanoid android—to find her. Together they uncover a conspiracy that stretches from the upper ranks of the KCPD to international assassins and soon find their own lives at risk to catch the killers. Michael Connelly’s Bosch meets Isaac Asimov’s City of Steel and Lethal Weapon in this fast-paced, action packed procedural thriller from national bestselling author and Hugo-nominee Bryan Thomas Schmidt (The X-Files, Predator, Joe Ledger).


With Lucas George close to graduating at the top of his class as the first android graduate from the Kansas City Regional Police Academy, Master Detective John Simon uncovers a string of burglaries with unusual similarities. Bombers may be planning a huge attack at a popular tourist site, and Simon and Lucas have to find them and stop them before it’s too late. As the pair investigate, bodies start to drop, including two of their own. Now it’s a race against the clock and Emma’s best friend’s father, a sax player, may hold the key to unraveling it all. But will he open up in time to stop them? THE SIDEMAN, book two in the explosive, action-packed John Simon Thrillers by Hugo-nominated, national bestselling author Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Predator, The X-Files).




SURVIVING TOMORROW Edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt —A charity anthology for medical supplies for the COVID-19 crisis with great stories from top authors in science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, and thrillers! Headliners will include: Neil Gaiman, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Scott Sigler, Cory Doctorow, Robert Silverberg, Jonathan Maberry, Orson Scott Card, Alan Dean Foster, Jody Lynn Nye, A.C. Crispin, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Livia Blackburne, Scott Sigler, and Brenda Cooper with more infosoon!