Release date: June 23, 2020




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Praise for Common Source:

“If Ed McBain had written science fiction, the John Simon series would be it. It’s that good.”—David Weber, New York Times Bestselling author of Uncompromising Honor

“Old school detective noir through a new lens. Like Mike Hammer with Robots in the modern underbelly of Kansas City.”—Weston Ochse, Award winning author of SEAL Team 666 and Bone Chase.

“How could I not love the android policeman Lucas George who tries to fit in with humans by wisecracking lines from buddy cop movies and series? Chase scenes, edge of your seat adventure, and a slightly futuristic tone all combine to make this series unforgettable.”—Abyss & Apex


Praise For The John Simon Thrillers:

“Action packed with vivid characters, Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s SIMON SAYS will keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense, while touching your heart and making you laugh at the same time. A great start to a great new series.” —Jeremy Robinson, International Bestselling Author of Infinite and Alter

“SIMON SAYS is packed with action, snarky humor, action, great characters, and even more action! A dynamic read, cover to cover.”— Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of the Joe Ledger thrillers

“SIMON SAYS takes me back to the mystery shows and buddy cop movies of my youth, like Rockford Files or 48 Hours but with a modern gritty edge–and an android!” —Martin L. Shoemaker, author of Today I Am Carey

“Fans of Robocop or Asimov’s robots series might like this, as will those who simply like a good police drama. Schmidt did ride-alongs with the local police force, and it shows in the level of fascinating detail. It’s a great mystery that makes use of-but does not bore you with-scifi and police story tropes. A good, solid, story. RECOMMENDED”— Abyss & Apex, October 2019

“John Simon is every bit as compelling a character as those who inspired him, and in some aspects Schmidt even does them one better. The dialogue is snappy and the descriptions engrossing as he paints a picture of “tomorrow’s” Kansas City. I for one enjoyed the hell out of it!”—Dayton Ward, New York Times bestselling author of 24: Trial by Fire, Star Trek Discovery: Drastic Measures and Star Trek: In The Name of Honor.

“Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s new book Simon Says is the perfect example of staying true to your genre and ‘dancing with the one that brung you’ while stretching out and adding something fresh and exciting to the typical fare. 5 stars.”—Hank Garner, Author Stories
“Lightning in a bottle. Action-packed. Stuffed to overflowing with big ideas. And the coolest damned robot since a certain Goldenrod took centre stage 42 years ago.” —Steven Savile, International bestselling author of Glass Town, Silver, and One Man’s War.
“I couldn’t put it down-it was like one long action scene that never stopped. Gritty all the way through. With moments of affection, empathy, family dynamics and a relentless pursuit of accurate police procedures, it doesn’t let up!”—Paul Knox, Author of Behind Open Eyes.
Master Detective John Simon and his android partner Lucas George have been transferred to Dog Watch, the night shift, when reports come in of androids gone wild—engaging in behavior that seems to violate their programming and disobeys their owner’s commands. After several incidents, as the media picks up and begins sensationalizing the story, Lucas is worried all his hard work to be accepted will be undone by this new crisis, while Simon finds himself attracted to one of the local reporters.As they investigate, they uncover evidence of deliberate sabotage conducted via a common source—deliberately introduced nanoparticles designed to rewrite programming and modify behavior. Then Lucas’ Maker, Dr. Livia Connelly, is kidnapped and her assistant killed, and suddenly the case takes on new urgency. As Simon enlists the help of reporter Holly Sanders, with whom he has been flirting, her stories lead the public and some in the KCPD to distrust androids, including Lucas.When Lucas goes rogue, Simon tries to find him and bring him back in the fold while both continue investigating a case that is spreading throughout the Metro and involving other departments outside the KCPD. Can they find a way to work together to find the person responsible before it’s too late?Book 3 in the page-turning series that combines near-future science fiction and procedural thriller and combines the gritty realism of Michael Connelly’s Bosch, the humor and action of Lethal Weapon, and the science fiction tradition of Isaac Asimov’s City of Steel, COMMON SOURCE hails from the editor of the international bestselling phenomenon The Martian by Andy Weir, and the national bestselling author of tales including official entries in The X-Files, Predator, and the Joe Ledger thrillers.